Checkmarx launches Checkmarx One AST for ASEAN

To help regional developers rapidly test, remediate and secure their application code, Checkmarx, a software security provider, is now offering the Checkmarx One platform in Singapore for the ASEAN region.

“Following the successful launch of Checkmarx One in Australia and India earlier this year, we are continuing to invest in the Asia Pacific region by making available our industry-leading application security platform in the ASEAN region,” said Hari Bhullar, vice president of APAC, Middle East and Africa at Checkmarx. “With the move to the cloud and the complexities of modern application development, security-minded organizations need a single platform that has been proven to streamline the application security process for developers and security leaders alike.”

Checkmarx One is designed for cloud-native application security, delivers from the cloud, and is designed to support on-premises, cloud, and hybrid development environments. It identifies security issues, improving remediation throughout the software development life cycle to ensure that software remains secure from a developer’s first code commit through the push to production. The platform offers a single solution spanning the complex landscape of custom code, open source components, Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) deployments, APIs, and the open source supply chain, allowing application code to be more efficiently and effectively secured.

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Human Managed

Human Managed, a decision-driven data analytics company, is the first managed security service provider (MSSP) for Checkmarx in ASEAN and the first customer for Checkmarx One in Singapore. Human Managed has integrated Checkmarx One with their event-driven platform to deliver AppSec IAD (intelligence, action, decision) that can scale to meet any need and offers flexible deployment options

“Application security is usually an afterthought which keeps piling up at the backlog as a growing security debt,” said Karen Kim, CEO of Human Managed. “Shifting left to catch vulnerabilities earlier involves more than training and champions. It’s about democratizing application security and empowering users to take responsible decisions. Application security is more than a cyber decision; it’s a digital decision of knowing how to act, what to protect and when to promote.”

In integrating their platforms, Checkmarx and Human Managed have created a holistic solution that allows application security services to be called through an API or other services, closing the divide between security and engineering.