Converge ICT doubles international bandwidth

End-to-end fiber internet service provider Converge ICT Solutions Inc. (Converge ICT) implemented network upgrades for the improvements of its customers’ online experience.

With the said network capacity augmentation, the fiber company’s own international bandwidth capacity to the key hubs of Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, and the United States, has resulted in average utilization of only 50%. Converge ICT promises that this “ensures zero congestion of traffic for international internet users and more than enough capacity even in the event of a submarine cable outage.

“This is consistent with our objective of having high availability, low latency, and non-blocking end-to-end network,” Converge ICT said in a media release.

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Converge ICT ‘commissions’ high capacity backbone to improve connectivity

“With a total increased capacity, we aim to support connectivity needs at home and in business,” said Dennis Anthony Uy, founder and CEO, Converge ICT. “Now, more than ever, the demand for a reliable network is of high importance. Especially with most facets of our lives being funneled online. Be it for virtual meetings, distance learning and cloud platforms, service delivery in the new normal needs commitment.”

On top of this, Converge ICT said it added and expanded to 100Gbps its international uplinks to various internet exchanges, direct peering, and internet transit, while also hosting Content Delivery Network (CDN) from the major over-the-top (OTT) providers.

“With this, internet traffic is localized thereby allowing us to stay true to our commitment to provide the shortest path to any digital destination. We ensure the best possible experience for our subscribers when accessing whatever content they might require,” Uy said.