DITO Telecommunity to use Whale Cloud’s telecom software solutions in PH operations

DITO Telecommunity (DITO) has partnered with the telecom software development firm Whale Cloud’s suite in developing its next-generation IT system which will be used in its operations in the Philippines.

While Whale Cloud Technology Co., Ltd (Whale Cloud), which made the announcement of the partnership, specializes in telecom software development and delivery, it also offers a suite of IT solutions ranging from cloud computing, big data analytics, AI-enabled service operations, Internet of Things, smart city solutions, and other professional services including planning and consulting.

DITO Telecommunity (DITO) is the newest telecommunications provider in the Philippines, which will deliver fixed and mobile services. DITO plans to fast track the rollout of 5G services in the coming years, with the speed offerings that are 10 times faster than what is being offered at present.

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“Whale Cloud is proud to work with DITO for the successful delivery of the DiTOP,” said Ben Zhou, CEO, Whale Cloud International. “The partnership validates the confidence DITO has in our solutions and services and expands our footprints in serving the ever-growing Philippine market. We will continue to offer high-quality services to help DITO strengthen the position in the expanding communications market.”

Big data

DITO leverages Whale Cloud’s telecom solutions covering business and operations support systems (BSS/OSS), big data capabilities, and intelligent customer services required for rapid business growth, from customer management, product catalog, revenue management to network rollout, operation, data analytics, and self-service diagnostic, among others.

According to Whale Cloud, its distributed and cloud-based architecture is in accordance with unified technical specifications, to build a fully digitalized, robust, and scalable Digital Intelligence Technology Operation Platform (DiTOP) to help DITO gain a competitive advantage in business and win the market.

Whale Cloud also provides professional consulting services based on Digital Telco Maturity Map (DTMM) and Standard Operation Process (SOP), to make DiTOP better in support of business process implementation and customer journey mapping.

“As a new player in the Philippines, we strive to be a game-changer and give what the Filipinos deserve — faster connections, wider coverage, and better customer service. With Whale Cloud as our strategic partner, we believe their digital solutions, delivery track record and industry know-how will allow us to faster achieve success in the 5G and IoT era,” said Albert Jiang, IT Director, DITO, in a media release.