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Epson launches new mobile POS printers with enhanced portability

Epson, a global technology provider known for receipt printers in the market, has unveiled two new additions to its Point-of-Sale (POS) receipt printer lineup: the Epson TM-P20II and TM-P80II.

The Epson TM-P20II and TM-P80II printers, designed with enhanced features to boost operational agility, are well-suited to meet the diverse requirements of businesses utilizing POS terminals. They are particularly suitable for busy and on-the-go environments such as distribution, logistics, and utilities.

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Designed for optimal wearability and portability, both the Epson TM-P20II and TM-P80II boast a small and lightweight footprint. Operators can easily carry these printers using accessories like shoulder or belt straps. Featuring a flip cover, these printers facilitate quick and effortless replacement of empty paper rolls. An LED light indicator panel is positioned atop the printer, allowing users to promptly monitor and resolve printer functionality issues.

Built to withstand tough environments

Recognizing the potential ruggedness of outdoor settings, the Epson TM-P20II and TM-P80II are constructed to endure the challenging conditions often encountered in such contexts. These printers are robustly built to withstand accidental damage. The TM-P20II is equipped with a 2.1m drop rating, while the TM-P80II boasts a 1.9m drop rating. Both printers feature IP54 dust and liquid protection standard designs, offering users in wet tropical climates peace of mind against potential printer damage.

To address the extended operating hours required in outdoor environments, the TM-P20II and TM-P80II come equipped with rechargeable batteries boasting extended lifespans. 

Seamless interconnectivity

The TM-P80II Wi-Fi model provides up to 25 hours of battery life, whereas the Bluetooth model offers up to 47 hours. On the other hand, the TM-P20II Wi-Fi model offers up to 15 hours of battery life when power-saving mode is activated, while the Bluetooth model provides up to 27 hours of usage. The absence of protruding cutting blades ensures operator safety when tearing off receipts. The smooth surface of the printers facilitates easy cleaning after a full day of use. These features render the TM-P20II and TM-P80II printers suitable for outdoor work and other challenging environments.

To cater to diverse business environments, the TM-P20II and TM-P80II printers offer a wide array of connectivity options, including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct Print, and USB Type C. This ensures users can seamlessly connect the printers to their smart devices, allowing compatibility with various POS systems.