Exclusive Networks is Forescout’s partner in bringing cybersecurity solutions to local enterprises

One of the reasons investigations on data breaches take a while is because security researchers need to determine the hackers’ point of entry. With billions of devices expected to be connected with the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT), detection will be a lot harder than it is now.

With this premise and with telecommunications companies rolling out their 5G technology capabilities, Exclusive Networks, a value-added services and technologies (VAST) company, is anticipating a growing need for more efficient and reliable cybersecurity solutions. It chose to partner with Forescout Technologies, a cybersecurity solutions firm with a unique focus on network security of IoT, cloud computing, and operational technologies (OT).

“Through this partnership, we want to help build the momentum of our services, create new opportunities, and help our resellers accelerate their growth,” said Renato Garcia, country manager of Exclusive Networks.

“This partnership focuses on expanding our market in the Philippines, particularly in areas we are not yet in,” said Vincent Oh, channels director for Asia at Forescout, adding that the firm has been in operations in the country since 2017.


Organizations are all worked up thinking about the implications of artificial intelligence (AI) in cybersecurity. Forescout leverages on AI by using the technology in detecting attacks, protecting devices, and isolating the network using automation.

“Major trends in technology will make Forescout a lot more relevant in this day and age and it is important for companies to pay attention to its risk management,” said Oh.

Oh said criminal hackers can utilize unmanaged devices, and even the most unlikely ones, to launch an attack. When IoT goes mainstream with smart homes, kitchen appliances and even lamps could be a point of entry because these devices will be connected to the cloud.

He cited a Gartner report stating that by 2023, the average CIO (chief information officer) will be responsible for more than three times of endpoints they managed in 2018 and by 2021, 70 percent of OT security will be managed directly by the CIO and/or CSO (chief security officer).

Device visibility

“What Forescout offers is real-time device visibility and control,” Oh said. “We will discover every single device the moment it connects. It is important to identify its function of endpoints including the IP address and even the device manufacturer. This particular context is important if it’s a managed (device) because you can apply the correct control.”

According to Oh, on average, enterprises have 30 percent more devices connected to their network than what they are made to believe and it poses a huge amount of risk because these undetected and unverified devices can be an actual potential entry point for hackers.

Cyber hygiene

Forescout’s solutions have the ability to audit devices once connected to the network. It will see non-compliant or end-of-support gadgets.

“The most traditional things you do today gives you a false sense of security,” Oh said.

As soon as the device is checked for its cyber hygiene and it was detected to be non-compliant, it will be automatically moved to the protective segment of the network with limited access.

Organizations can also opt for network segmentation where only select people have access to the critical part of the system.

“Segmentation can minimize the lateral movement of (criminal) hackers and make their job a lot harder,” Oh said. “This way, the compromise is contained at a specific segment only.”

Oh noted that there will always be an element of chance that a data breach will happen but Forescout, through automation, can quickly respond to the incident and remediate.

Forescout’s solutions also address the shortage of security officers. In a Gartner report, only 65 percent of organizations have their own security officers putting their network and data at risk.

“Our strategy to address the difficulties is device visibility and control for the extended enterprise and orchestrate action,” Oh said.

Oh said that while Forescout’s solutions are applicable across all industries, the firm is strong in education, financial, healthcare, and manufacturing.

Garcia, on the other hand, said that following the statements of the Philippines’ Department of Information and Technology regarding data privacy, Exclusive Networks, a subsidiary of Exclusive Group, is also looking at tapping the government for these cybersecurity solutions.

Oh also noted Exclusive Network’s “razor focus on security” as one of the reasons it chose as its local partner in the country.

Image by Gerd Altman/Pixabay