Media Release

Food distribution and service company taps SAP for digital transformation efforts

Food and service distribution company Multi-M Food Corporation (MMFC) is kicking off its digital transformation journey to transform its operations to continue the mission of providing quality food products with reliable customer service.

Project SAPFIRE, which began in January, aims to improve MMFC’s operations, finance, inventory, sales, and supply chain as the company manages its growth strategy and expansion into new markets. MMFC has then chosen SAP Business ByDesign for this purpose, with Service 101 plus Consulting to implement and deploy the solution across its business entities and satellite offices in Bulacan, Cebu, and Davao.

SAP Business ByDesign, a single cloud ERP (enterprise resource planning) software for fast-growing, midsize businesses, is a complete end-to-end business suite that unifies every functional department and process from accounting and finance to manufacturing, supply chain management, and human resources.

With a cloud solution, MMFC has the potential to have satellite offices access and consolidate financial reports per business entity which would assist in compliance with BIR tax reporting. It would also help them have faster access to sales reports and computations for agent commissions, as well as assist in the supply chain management to have more efficient handling of product costs, weights, and deliveries.

“We are optimistic about the rollout of SAP Business ByDesign’s capability to help fast-growing businesses like ours be more efficient and ready to meet growing market demands,” said Irene Lee, president of MMFC. “As we seek to grow and expand into new markets, we also remain committed in our mission to provide good food and great service. Balancing this growth as well as maintaining the same impeccable service that our customers expect. Going on the cloud with SAP Business ByDesign will help us to do that.”

“We are especially proud that one of the best food distribution companies like Multi-M Corporation has chosen SAP as their foundation to grow further,” said Edler Panlilio, managing director of SAP Philippines. “SAP Business ByDesign has a proven track record of ongoing investment, innovation, and delivery in the cloud and is specially designed for fast-growing businesses such as Multi-M Corporation to turn growth potential into results. This just shows that any business regardless of size can embark on their journey towards the intelligent enterprise.”