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GCash introduces GCrypto NFT Hub featuring local artists

Filipinos can now explore the world of NFTs (non-fungible tokens), as mobile app GCash launched the GCrypto NFT Hub. GCash users can now easily discover and purchase NFT art, and support their favorite homegrown artists.

GCash has partnered with NFT marketplace, Likha, and art gallery, Vinyl on Vinyl, for the release of its first GCrypto NFT collection: The House of Ohlala, from Filipino contemporary artist, Reen Barrera. 

“Through the GCrypto NFT Hub, we hope to provide Filipino artists a platform to bring their digital art to a wider audience, while also enabling more Filipinos access to buy their first NFT art,” said said Jong Layug, head of Wealth Management, GCash.

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“To acquire NFT, you need a digital currency. And what’s the most trusted e-wallet app? It’s GCash,” said Reen Barrera. “For someone like me who’s afraid to venture into something new like NFTs, I would be at ease knowing that I’m with a company I trust.”

Barrera’s NFT project features a collection of 1,000 NFTs built on the Polygon blockchain, with each NFT being sold for 80 MATIC. The House of Ohlala includes unique utility features. NFT holders have a chance to win one of the four Ohlala statues to be raffled every quarter, they can gain exclusive access to artwork and merchandise, and get to join a whitelist for future collections. Owners of the 10 editions of 1 of 1 NFTs will also receive free Giclee prints of their digital collectible.

The collection is based on Barrera’s most popular character, Ohlala, who is a soft commentary on socio-economic classes. Ohlala’s head is covered in canvas cloth to symbolize that each one of us, no matter our economic backgrounds, has the ability to design our own fates. Ohlala’s face is also decorated with symbols and patterns, based on the idiom “it is written all over your face.” 

The GCrypto NFT Hub will feature digital art created by famous and up-and-coming local artists, such as National Artist Larry Alcala through a partnership with, Superordinary Friends x TRNZ, and Monster Mayhem by Distort Monsters. Upcoming collections include artworks by contemporary artist Bitto, and national artists Botong Francisco and Vicente Manansala.