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Globe supports teachers, parents, students with digital responsibility learning program

Through its community development partners, Globe Telecom (Globe) was able to reach out to support 5,635 teachers, parents, and students from 10 cities in Metro Manila and 23 provinces nationwide on the responsible use of technology since the start of the pandemic.

The initiative is part of Globe’s Digital Thumbprint Program (DTP) which seeks to heighten awareness on digital citizenship and cybersafety. It contains modules on Digital Insight, Digital Impact, Digital Ambition and Digital Discernment, and a Parent Module that Globe community ambassadors shared through a total of 155 DTP online sessions.

Globe continues to conduct training of community ambassadors with community development partners, to ensure that the education sector benefits from the online modules. Since it was integrated into the Department of Education’s K-12 curriculum in 2019, DTP has reached 4,101 schools nationwide and provided more than 1.9 million students access to the modules.

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“Digital citizenship is critical now more than ever given the increase in the use of connectivity to carry out our daily activities,” said Yoly Crisanto, chief sustainability officer and SVP for Corporate Communications, Globe. “With the shift to online learning, it is important to ensure our learners are equipped with the soft skills to keep them safe online and address risks on their own or with parental guidance.”

Aside from collaborating with community partners, Globe also worked with Unicef Philippines to create DTP ambassadors among Unicef staff and partners who can then cascade their skills to peers and networks.

The workshop attracted over 120 officers and staff from the Unicef network.