HONOR Magic V2 touted as the thinnest foldable to date

HONOR, a smart devices brand, recently introduced its latest lineup of premium folding phones, starting with the impressively thin and lightweight HONOR Magic V2. The HONOR Magic V2 boasts a remarkably slim closed thickness of only 9.9mm.

Despite its slim and lightweight design, the HONOR Magic V2 prioritizes product durability. According to HONOR, the Magic V2 series is the world’s first mobile phone to have obtained the Swiss SGS high-reliability folding quality gold standard certification, withstanding a rigorous 400,000 folding durability tests. 

Even after 200,000 folds, the screen crease only exhibits a minute change of 36μm, equivalent to the width of a hair or half the diameter of a wire. The external screen of the HONOR Magic V2 series features second-generation nano-ceramic glass, boasting a 30% higher drop resistance compared to the previous generation of materials.

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Setting new milestones in the folding screen industry, the recently unveiled HONOR Magic V2 achieves several remarkable firsts. It stands as the world’s first folding screen mobile phone that supports both internal and external screens with zero-risk dimming and eye protection. The HONOR Magic V2 series places equal emphasis on the specifications and quality of its internal and external dual screens, revolutionizing the screen experience. 


Both the internal and external dual screens support 3840Hz high-frequency PWM dimming, resulting in brighter and more eye-friendly displays. The HONOR Magic V2 has also obtained TÜV Rheinland flicker-free certification, ensuring zero-risk dimming and offering exceptional eye protection.

The HONOR Magic V2 features touch operation compatibility on both the internal and external screens, allowing for convenient use of a stylus. It supports quick and intelligent operations such as smart lasso, smart literacy, magnifying glass, cross-app color picking, and pen shorthand, enhancing the functionality of the stylus and enabling seamless unleashing of creative inspiration.

Equipped with the second-generation Snapdragon 8 leading-edge processor, a self-developed radio frequency enhancement chip, and the latest generation of HONOR Qinghai Lake dual batteries, the HONOR Magic V2 guarantees extended battery life while delivering optimal performance.