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ING Philippines launches digital banking security education campaign

Digital bank ING Philippines recently launched its security education campaign called #SimplySecuredWithING to encourage online banking adoption in the country. The campaign aims to ease any apprehensions the public still has about doing financial online transactions.

“Adoption of digital banking is here to stay and all players in this ecosystem, such as banks to e-wallets and payment services providers, have to make ‘security’ the top priority while providing a smooth and frictionless banking experience in today’s digital age,” said Hans Sicat, country head and managing director of ING Philippines, in a media advisory. “The underlying goal is to create a simpler, more straightforward experience while keeping our customers and their accounts secure.”

Anchored on the belief that a secure and frictionless banking experience need not be complicated or only accessible to the “tech-savvy” ones, ING wants to reassure its customers that it is #SimplySecuredWithING so they will be more encouraged in adopting digital banking.

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The campaign hero material features ways in which ING is protecting its customers in common day-to-day scenarios:

  • Device Binding
    ING uses “device binding” where a customer’s ING account can only be accessed on mobile devices that are authorized by the customer through face recognition and personal information authentication. ING assures that this reduces the chances of account hacking and unauthorized access.
  • Continuous Monitoring
    Round-the-clock monitoring of the accounts and confirmation messages are sent with every transaction, so the customer is informed of any activity on his or her account.
  • Emergency Measures
    In the event of a suspicious activity, ING verifies the transaction directly with the customer and gives the option to either confirm the transaction or limit the account and card usage while an investigation takes place. Customers can also choose to freeze or unfreeze their debit cards in one tap via the ING mobile app when they need to secure them.

“Beyond the regular security reminders, the #SimplySecuredWithING campaign aims to inform ING customers by using day-to-day scenarios and simplifying terms to understand ING’s existing security features. More importantly, our customers can be equipped to respond to these common scenarios related to their accounts as depicted in the video. Through this, ING hopes to collaborate with our customers on building safe digital banking practices while assuring them of the high level of security measures taken to protect their accounts,” Sicat said.