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Investment analytics platform Aumni sets up PH office in Baguio

After receiving a fresh fund of $50 million in Series B funding, investment analytics firm Aumni expanded its presence in Asia Pacific with the opening of its Philippines office in Baguio City — instead of in Metro Manila or Cebu where most companies are based.

With headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah, Aumni is an investment analytics platform for private capital markets that include venture funds, family offices, university endowments and corporate venture firms. By combining artificial intelligence and human expertise, Aumni’s platform extracts and analyzes critical deal data buried in dense legal agreements. In just a few clicks, Aumni provides the most comprehensive insights related to the financial and legal position of every investment.

“Setting up our offices in Baguio was an intentional choice to leverage an educated workforce in a geographic region that allows for both outdoor recreation, room for families, and a sophisticated environment for arts and culture,” said Anthony Lewis, founder and CEO, Aumni. “We care about our people and we believe that these locations are unique and offer something fresh.”

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According to Aumni, Baguio City as a business capital can offer so much more not only to companies but to employees as well.

“By moving to a city like Baguio, Aumni has the opportunity to stand out and offer something different to employees in terms of lifestyle and balance,” said Brendan Kussman, VP of Culture, Aumni. “Also, it helps that Baguio is a university town and Aumni can find talent capable of critical thinking and willing to learn complex topics (such as investment analytics), without having to deal with the same level of competition as in Metro Manila.”

Baguio is host to many companies in the business processing and outsourcing (BPO) industry. Aumni believes it will stand out as the only the first investment analytics firm to bank on Baguio as a growing business hub.

“There is huge, raw, untapped talent in Northern Luzon that are hesitant to move to Manila,” Kussman said. “With a solid talent and development program for these folks, a company could establish an equally productive and highly performing organization in Baguio City.”

“Work-life balance setup is much easier to execute in this city because we do not have to deal with the big time-consuming hurdle Manila employees face daily: the ugly traffic of the big city,” said Maggie Po, VP of Data Operations. “The cost of living here is also reasonably lower than in Metro Manila so it allows us to offer competitive compensation and benefits.”