Latest updates on ASG Technologies Mobius CSP to improve information governance

ASG Technologies, a provider of solutions for the information-powered enterprise, unveiled the newest version of its content services platform (CSP), Mobius 11.1. This release extends ASG’s commitment to securely manage and govern information while modernizing and automating how content is used throughout the enterprise.

Mobius 11.1 promises to accelerate how enterprises can automate content-rich business processes, govern information more effectively, and further embrace cost-effective cloud deployments.

Mobius 11.1 enhanced content-rich automation empowers business analysts with self-service support to construct content-aware business applications for secure, collaborative business process execution. The platform is now equipped with extended cloud governance, which will enable enterprises to protect information and manage business records in the cloud through immutable cloud storage with support for AWS S3 Object Lock.

ASG Technologies strengthens performance, capacity management for hybrid IT

ASG Tech releases latest version of Mobius content services platform

“With advancements to Mobius, including the addition of immutable, Write-Once-Read-Many (WORM) regulatory-compliant storage, we’re helping organizations achieve their modernization goals while meeting governance demands,” said Doug Johnson, VP of Product Management for Content Services at ASG. “Our latest investments make it easier to automate and govern information across the organization, create custom user experiences and securely move content to the cloud.”

Support for Microsoft ecosystem

The expanded collaboration support extends Mobius’ capabilities for managing content in Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft 365 to Microsoft Teams environments, providing the ability to automatically archive selected Teams content and search from Teams across SharePoint, Mobius, and federated repositories.

The modernized infrastructure deployment simplifies the scalability of full-text search capabilities in Docker/Kubernetes environments through the addition of support for ElasticSearch.