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LG air conditioner designed to address humidity during rainy seasons

LG, an electronics conglomerate, has unveiled the LG Dual Cool Air Conditioners, specifically engineered to combat the moisture challenges exacerbated by heightened humidity.

A standout feature of the LG Dual Cool Air Conditioners is the Dry Mode, which mitigates the discomfort caused by surges in humidity. This innovative mode not only provides cooling but also automatically adjusts to the optimal temperature and fan speed, effectively extracting excess moisture from the room’s atmosphere.

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To enhance safety and comfort, the Dual Cool Air Conditioners incorporate Plasmaster Ionizer technology, which eliminates harmful viruses and bacteria carried by precipitation from the air that people breathe. This technology eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria adhering to surfaces in a room, ensuring the circulation of clean and pure air that is safe for breathing. 

To provide an added layer of protection, LG’s UVnano technology aids in preventing the buildup of bacteria by automatically sterilizing the fan responsible for generating wind and the evaporator. Also, a comprehensive 4-step air purification system is employed to capture larger dust particles and reduce allergens.

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