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LinkedIn: AI is accelerating workplace changes

Artificial intelligence (AI) is significantly influencing the business landscape, with LinkedIn, a professional networking platform, revealing that job postings mentioning AI have surged by 2.4 times over the past two years in Southeast Asia (SEA).

LinkedIn’s Global Talent Trends report shows that AI is accelerating workplace transformations, prompting employers to turn to AI to enhance their talent pools. As of 2030, it is estimated that job requirements worldwide will undergo a 65% shift due to the rapid advancements in AI, making it imperative for business leaders to evaluate the skills their organizations require both presently and in the future.

“With so much change underway, now is the time for business leaders to assess the skills their organizations need now and in the years ahead so they can set their teams up for success,” Atul Harkisanka, head of Growth Markets and country lead for the Philippines at LinkedIn, said in a statement.

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Optimism around the use of AI

LinkedIn’s data reveal that the majority (95%) of talent professionals in SEA perceive their roles as becoming more strategic, particularly in talent acquisition, over the past year. Contrary to concerns about AI replacing human jobs, 80% of HR professionals worldwide believe AI will serve as a valuable tool over the next five years.

In the Philippines, AI is viewed positively, with 97% of professionals expressing excitement about its application in the workplace. Many are eager to use AI for career advice (65%) and to tackle challenging situations (74%).

“Everyone, from customer service representatives and sales professionals to teachers, can use the technology to remove some of the drudgeries of everyday tasks so they can focus on valuable people-centric work,” Harkisanka said. 

Companies are increasingly integrating AI into their job postings, resulting in a 1.7x growth in applications for job posts that mention AI in SEA over the last two years compared to those that don’t.

To assist organizations in navigating the evolving world of work, LinkedIn is introducing new generative AI tools in Recruiter and Learning Hub, initially available to a select group of customers and slated for wider release throughout the year.

These tools build on LinkedIn’s prior introduction of AI-assisted messages and AI-assisted job descriptions in May 2023. These innovations employ generative AI to personalize InMail messages at scale, boost candidate engagement, and expedite the process of identifying qualified candidates.

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