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GoTyme Bank earns international design awards

GoTyme Bank, a joint venture between the Gokongwei group of companies and multi-country digital bank Tyme, was recognized by international design award-giving bodies: The Red Dot Design Awards 2023 and UX Design Awards 2023 for the GoTyme app and kiosks.

These awards recognize the exceptional user interface and user experience offered to its customers.

The GoTyme Bank developed its app to ensure ease of use and navigation, catering not only to tech-savvy users but also to those less familiar with digital interfaces. The GoTyme kiosk has been designed to provide a seamless onboarding and card-printing process.

GoTyme Bank aims to unlock Filipinos’ financial potential
GoTyme Bank fosters human-centric banking

“Good design is simplifying people’s lives and giving them dignity when embarking on an unfamiliar journey,” said Silvano D’Orazio, head of user experience (UX) and brand, Tyme Group. “It’s not about creating something simple, but that’s not enough. It has to be part of a story.”

The UX Design Awards lauded the GoTyme app, describing it as “a prime example of how banking should be — straightforward, relatable, and mirroring real-life experiences.”

In addition to the Red Dot Design Awards and UX Design Awards recognition, the GoTyme app also garnered acclaim from the Design for Asia Awards and Creative Pool Awards. 

D’Orazio stressed that effective design must combine utility with the ability to enrich a customer’s journey.

Phygital business model

The GoTyme app and kiosk serve as essential elements of GoTyme’s “phygital” business model, blending physical and digital banking with customer access. This approach underscores the importance of accessibility in all aspects of its operations.

GoTyme has implemented a high-touch retail-integrated distribution model powered by the GoTyme app. These kiosks, manned by bank ambassadors (BAs), enable a five-minute account setup and real-time issuance of physical cards.

GoTyme operates more than 350 kiosks nationwide, located in Gokongwei malls and retail establishments. These are supported by a dedicated team of over 900 bank ambassadors responsible for customer onboarding and debit card issuance.

“More than 60% of GoTyme customers are generated by the kiosks supported by bank ambassadors,” said  Nate Clarke, president and CEO of GoTyme Bank. “We have 1:2.6 kiosk-to-BA ratio. This means that every kiosk, on average, has from two to three BAs.”

The phygital model can help foster more meaningful relationships with customers, boosting customer loyalty, satisfaction, and ultimately, the bottom line.