Philippine Huawei Ads Summit 2022Business Features

Marketing summit highlights Huawei Ads capabilities

Digital marketers can thrive in a data-led world if they are equipped with the right tools. This is one of the key highlights of the panel discussion of the first Philippine HUAWEI Ads Summit.

The panel also emphasized the key points around the usage and leverage of first-party data, as well as being able to understand the pros and cons of a walled garden ecosystem. 

Huawei Ads Summit saw through an afternoon full of discussions on digital marketing by industry leaders. The afternoon session included the introduction of capabilities within the Huawei ecosystem and its new self-serve ads platform, Huawei Ads, as well as insightful case studies and panel discussions from digital industry leaders.

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Tan Donghui, VP and chief strategy and Business Development officer at Huawei Consumer Cloud Business, affirmed the company’s commitment to empowering its partners’ growth through its all-scenario mobile offerings, especially so with Huawei Ads. The digital advertising platform by Huawei continues to broaden its capabilities and solutions to unlock a plethora of growth opportunities in the digital marketing world.

Huawei Ads leverages the Huawei Mobile User Ecosystem for advertisers. At the summit, the company also showcased Huawei Ads capabilities to help advertising partners achieve their business goals. In the age of digital transformation and digital humanity, mobile ads marketing is the new essential touch point between competitive brands and their intended audiences, making HUAWEI Ads effective mobile ads marketing resource within the third largest mobile ecosystem in the world, harboring more than 730 million global users.

The Huawei Ads 1+8+N Strategy

Huawei Ads effectiveness is made possible with Huawei’s all-scenario “1+8+N” strategy. Huawei’s 1 + 8 + N strategy uses a mobile phone as the main entrance, and 8 commonly used terminal devices such as speakers, tablets, PCs, and watches as auxiliary entrances, and then uses 1 + 8 to connect all smart IoT devices. The all-connected ecosystem sets the building blocks for the upcoming connected future and Huawei has heavily contributed to it with its 1+8+n ecosystem concept and Seamless AI Life Strategy, bringing more smart devices to homes and offices. Simply put, the 1+8+n strategy forms an all-scenario hardware ecosystem with three layers (1 + 8 + n), where, ‘1’ stands for the smartphone as the center of it all, ‘8’ stands for the 8 categories of Huawei-developed products and ‘n’ stands for the abundant IoT ecosystem devices. Finally, the ‘+’ sign stands for what connects these layers such as HUAWEI Share and HUAWEI HiLink. Together, they provide the key advantage for more cohesive data, precise reach, and intelligent ad distribution across devices and apps.

Huawei Ads aims to continue to reach out to advertisers who are in need of solutions on how to leverage first-party data and who want to reach new audiences through its ecosystem. The event has helped introduce Huawei Ads as an effective (and cost-efficient) way to reach new audiences at the right moment and with the right ad — to help compliment campaigns with our key social platforms.

Left to right, Malcolm Wong, Vice President of Product Strategy & Product Management, Huawei APAC Region; Karen Tseng, Head of Global Business Development, Huawei; Gretchen Largoza, President & CEO of Adspark Inc.; James Dalusong, Head of Programmatic at dentsu Philippines; Sherry Magno, Deputy Head of Precision at Wavemaker Philippines.