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Mineski Global’s mgames now available on Viber

Singapore-based esports company Mineski Global recently announced that its social casual gaming platform mgames is now available on messaging app Rakuten Viber. The groundbreaking partnership marks a momentous milestone for the pioneer esports company of Southeast Asia and the entire esports industry in the region that has seen exponential growth despite still being a relatively new concept.

Key market trend reports show that the gaming market is continuing to grow. Specific to esports, increasing internet penetration and the mobile segment’s tightening hold on the market share versus other platforms are two important elements boosting its steady rise.

“We are not just launching games in Viber, we are building a community of hyper-casual gamers, giving our users another way of interaction and communication through the fun of games,” said David Tse, senior director at Rakuten Viber.

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Viber users across the Asia Pacific region now have free access to an extensive library of up to 70 hyper-casual games through the chatbot feature. mgames is set to introduce new titles every month.

Hyper-casual games

“This integration is reminiscent of Mineski’s early days of building communities through a common love for gaming, and now we are proud to deliver this promise to the larger and more diverse casual gaming audience that only Viber can aggregate,” said Ronald Robins, CEO, Mineski.

Since its launch in December 2021, mgames now has over 200 hyper-casual games and is also available on the leading fintech app Gcash and social media app Lyka. By collaborating with e-wallets and super app companies, Mineski Global has expanded its reach and brought hyper-casual gaming to a whole new level; establishing itself as the clear-cut leader in a highly competitive Southeast Asia gaming market occupied by many small and large players that specialize in product innovation, service innovation, mergers, and acquisitions, among others

“Through our mgames platform, we can offer our partners three main value propositions at no cost: (1) leveraging our love of games to increase time spent, engagements, and user retention, (2) monetization through targeted advertising to the different age groups in the gaming community, and (3) a growing subscriber base as our platform allows users to enjoy friendly competitions with their friends and families, as well as compete with users from different countries,” Robins said.