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Mineski’s casual gaming platform mgames seeks global partners

mgames, a social casual gaming platform powered by esports company Mineski Global, has started picking up steam in the Philippines since it debuted last year on leading fintech app GCash and social media app LYKA.

With close to 10 million users across the country, Mineski is set to bring the platform to the world stage, expanding its foothold in Southeast Asia markets such as Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand, before eventually expanding to India, Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East, and North Africa.

mgames is looking to build international partnerships in its priority markets to amplify user engagement by integrating a variety of immersive, interactive gamified solutions — hyper-casual games, tournaments, and social features — ​​into their platforms. These target partners include telecommunications companies, consumer app providers, payment providers, merchants, and brands who are actively seeking new ways to increase their visibility in the market.

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“We are targeting top telecom companies that can deliver mgames to their user base under a strategic partnership scheme,” said Kuriko Iwai, head of Digital and Creatives at Mineski Global. Another ideal partner for mgames is a consumer app provider with over five million unique users which can create an immediate value exchange through a co-marketing strategy. We wish to tap merchants and brands aiming to feature their products and services on in-app shops and games.”

In-game advertising

Beyond casual games’ massive user base, what makes mgames a viable investment option is that brands and companies can expect a three-digit revenue growth rate from the gaming platform. mgames presents opportunities for target partners to embed various ads in between games, with more affordable cost per mille (CPM) and cost per acquisition (CPA) than other major online platformers. 

“In-game advertising is something that our partners can capitalize on, as it has been cited as a key monetization opportunity for many brands and companies,” Iwai said. “The profitability of casual games, on the whole, has attracted investors to leverage mgames to boost revenues and increase brand awareness. One of the things that make it worth investing is the fact that they can deploy the same platform across their owned channels and via all kinds of ads, paving the way for the best return on investment.”

mgames’ appeal to customers comes in its ability to engage diverse audiences in 200 casual games for free while interacting with branded content and connecting with other users. Players can showcase their skills by competing in a series of organized tournaments which could keep them hooked with huge, real-life rewards.

GCash and LYKA

“This particularly holds true for our partners like GCash and LYKA, which successfully run 10,000 tournaments per day,” Iwai said. “In just three months after the launch, LYKA Games reached one million users and 30 million games played, while mgames in the GCash app recorded one million users and 17 million games played.”

With a user base sitting on a wide spectrum, mgames has been exploring innovative ways to help prospective investors take user engagement to the next level. In fact, Mineski Global is gearing up to create a standalone app for mgames somewhere in the near future. 

Moreover, with 1.1 billion players across devices in Asia-Pacific alone and in a region dominated by mobile gaming, Mineski Global is confident that it can provide a unique hyper-casual gaming experience for gamers everywhere.

“We look forward to connecting with different brands and companies across the globe, enabling more people to unleash the gamer within themselves. These partnerships are likely to solidify our desire to gamify the world, and to make a lasting impact in the growth of our next generation of consumers, businesses, and gamers,” said Iwai.

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