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MMDC offers working students online degree program

Through its  “Step Up sa Pangarap” program, Mapua Malayan Digital College (MMDC) is enabling members of the workforce to earn a college degree. Specifically geared towards working students, the courses offered are Bachelor of Arts in Information Technology (BSIT) and Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration (BSBA).

MMDC is offering more flexibility as these college degree programs are online. 

“Getting a degree that delivers competencies in demand today and tomorrow will unlock opportunities to further one’s career,” said Derrick Latreille, chief learning officer of MMDC and co-founder of Ayala Education. “Through this campaign, we aim to empower more potential returnees across the country to pursue a college degree that will make a difference in their career, at an institution that supports their needs.”

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Mapúa Malayan Digital College opens scholarships via employer partners

Latreille noted that 60% of their student population are working students.

MMDC joined hands with the IT and Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP) and fast-food chain McDonald’s.

According to MMDC, financial constraints are not the only significant reason students could not finish their studies. There are also other factors such as family issues, lack of motivation, and the lack of time, primarily because they needed to prioritize their work instead.

If the courses are offered online, working students can take their classes anywhere.

Currently, MMDC has over 300 students enrolled in the program and it targets to onboard 400-500 in the coming months. There is no age restriction on who can join the program. 

The two courses offered have the most demand of employment nowadays, especially in the IT sector as more and more companies are accelerating their digital transformation.