More listeners in PH are tuning in to Spotify podcasts 

According to the latest data from Spotify, a music streaming service, podcasts are getting traction in the Philippines. They find comfort in listening to stories that resonate with them. 

“The growth of the Philippine podcast space is a testament to the innate creativity among Filipinos,” said Phil Disini, podcast partner manager for the Philippines at Spotify. “Aligned with our mission to unlock the potential of human creativity, we continue to look for ways to champion the voices of Filipino creators.” 

The Love & Relationships genre is the most popular, with a 400% growth from 2021 to 2023. Other fast-rising categories seeing a twofold increase in consumption since 2021 include Pop-Culture (140%), Self-Improvement (130%), and Comedy (almost 100%). 

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Supporting Creators at every stage of their journey

Through Spotify for Podcasters’ full suite of creator tools, data, and interactivity features, Spotify has made it easier for creators to build their podcasts, reach new audiences, and grow their communities. Such tools include dashboards on show and audience insights, and features including Q&A, Polls, and Video Podcasting.

Podcasting creates meaningful connections between creators and audiences. One in three Filipinos feels like they are part of a community when listening to their favorite creators. The creators also shared more about the impact podcasting has on them. 

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