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MullenLowe TREYNA premieres platform for hybrid events

Marketing and advertising firm MullenLowe TREYNA launched recently a digital platform that would enable brands and organizations to reach a global audience. Called ViVYD, the online platform can be a venue both for online and offline conferences or events.

Through ViVYD, companies can also hold brand-led events, trade and B2B gatherings, and employee get-togethers. It also comes with value-added services such as event management and production, creative conceptualization, social media and community management, marketing, and PR.

ViVYD, the newest offering from the MullenLowe TREYNA Group, is a feature-rich, Filipino-built platform for a hybrid setup. ViVYD promises today’s hybrid experience creators and organizers advanced features to customize and stage distinctive events for any audience.

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As the world shifts to a hybrid setup and the lockdowns show that brands can capture a much larger audience through digital platforms, ViVYD aims to serve that market.

“ViVYD allows companies to reach people in other locations and countries, invite more audience members beyond the limit of a physical venue, and connect with customers that might not want or be able to attend a physical event,” MullenLowe TREYNA said.

Multiple sessions simultaneously

Brands can hold live streams of multiple sessions, series of talks, workshops, classes, or training happening simultaneously in separate spaces or venues. This will allow audiences of different interests to attend the event and go to their own breakout sessions.

“Given the value-added services mentioned, our team at MullenLowe TREYNA can help setup, manage and produce the on-ground components of a hybrid event,” the firm said.

Organizers will appreciate the ability to choose between self-serve or managed services (including production team), the ease of use of the backend event management system, customizable login levels for different types of attendees, and flexible skinning and branding throughout. Audiences can view virtual watch rooms, manage their schedules with an interactive calendar that updates in real-time, engage with one another through in-event community chats, and express their sentiments live through an applause and reaction bar.

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