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New book explores value of intelligent automation

A new book authored by three top automation experts at Accenture provides an in-depth look at how intelligent automation has become one of the most powerful means of driving performance and value across organizations.

“The Automation Advantage: Embrace the Future of Productivity and Improve Speed, Quality, and Customer Experience Through AI” is a strategic, practical guide to using intelligent automation to reinvent business processes, jumpstart innovation, enhance customer experiences and free up capacity for employees to focus on more complex, value-added work.

While automation has been used by organizations for centuries, intelligent automation brings in cognitive technology such as artificial intelligence to guide better business decisions and bring new opportunities to light.

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In the book, Accenture chief strategy officer Dr. Bhaskar Ghosh and his co-authors, Rajendra Prasad and Gayathri Pallail, draw on their collective over 75 years of expertise to explain how intelligent automation works — and how it works best — providing business leaders with a proven roadmap for optimally deploying intelligent automation at scale to drive business excellence and growth. They cut through myths and misunderstandings to blaze a clear trail for any business leader looking to develop an intelligent automation strategy, create new value and realize growth — all with a human-centric approach.

“We’re seeing a dramatic evolution from the era of industrialized automation to a new era of intelligent automation, with the focus shifting from costs savings to new goals around customer experience, business excellence, service improvements, innovations, and smarter strategic decisions,” said Dr. Ghosh. “Infusing automation with intelligent technologies has become one of the most powerful ways companies can boost their top-line performance by using new tools to operate more efficiently, upskill and enhance the performance and productivity of their people, and drive significant bottom-line savings.”

In addition to providing real-world examples of how organizations across multiple industries and geographies are using intelligent automation to launch new services and spur business growth, the authors dispel many common myths regarding automation. The book lists clear steps to overcome barriers and build a customized framework and approach that identifies opportunities for automation across the organization, and how to design specific automation solutions that align technology transformation with business goals.

Accenture chief strategy officer Dr. Bhaskar Ghosh, Accenture’s global lead for automation Rajendra Prasad, and managing director for automation deployment Gayathri Pallail are all experts in automation. Together, they hold 30 automation-related patents, with more than 60 additional patents filed related to automation, and have more than 75 years of combined experience in planning, designing, and implementing automation and enterprise technology solutions for hundreds of organizations worldwide.