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Ninja Van Philippines opens new warehouse in Laguna

Ninja Van Philippines, a tech-driven logistics company, enhanced its operational capabilities with the new Fulfillment hub in Cabuyao, Laguna, which is aimed at assisting small businesses in their warehousing and inventory management needs.

Spanning 3,700 square meters, the warehouse facility can be further expanded using a racking system, with 2,400 pallet storage capacity and the capability to process approximately 15,000 orders daily. Within this hub, clients’ products are received in bulk, inventoried, and stored until orders are placed and delivered to end customers. 

The Fulfillment services offered by this new facility include standard inbound, storage, outbound, and return processes, in addition to tailor-made warehouse management solutions.

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Ninja Van Philippines ramps up innovation with opening of new hub

Ninja Fulfillment is seamlessly integrated into Ninja Van’s last-mile services, resulting in expedited parcel handling and delivery for clients.

“We cater to businesses of varying sizes, acknowledging their diverse needs,” said Vin Perez, country head of Ninja Van Philippines. “For many, fulfillment and warehousing can be prohibitively expensive or excessively time-consuming. With our state-of-the-art Fulfillment facility, we are now better equipped to provide an all-encompassing solution for storage, order management, and inventory, which clients can further customize to align with their unique requirements.”

Precise tracking inventory

Every item received from Fulfillment clients undergoes barcoding for precise tracking of inventory movements. This facility operates on a “first in, first out” system, ensuring efficient inventory management. A dedicated team is also responsible for quality assurance, including managing expiry dates and conducting quarterly mandatory stocktaking. Recognizing the importance of flexibility for shippers, Ninja Fulfillment services seamlessly integrate with the preferred last-mile delivery partners of clients, not limited to Ninja Van alone.

Beyond just last-mile delivery, Ninja Van Philippines aims to evolve into a comprehensive supply chain solutions provider, assisting shippers in flourishing within the rapidly evolving e-commerce landscape.