NVIDIA Base Command Platform

Nvidia Base Command Platform can scale production of AI

At Computex 2021, Nvidia unveiled the Nvidia Base Command Platform, a cloud-hosted development hub that lets enterprises quickly move their AI (artificial intelligence) projects from prototypes to production.

The software is designed for large-scale, multi-user, and multi-team AI development workflows hosted either on-premises or in the cloud. It enables numerous researchers and data scientists to simultaneously work on accelerated computing resources, helping enterprises maximize the productivity of both their expert developers and their valuable AI infrastructure.

The Base Command Platform with NetApp solution includes access to the Nvidia DGX SuperPODTM AI supercomputers and NetApp data management.

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Base Command Platform provides a single pane of glass view across AI development. It facilitates easy sharing of resources through a graphical user interface and command-line APIs, as well as integrated monitoring and reporting dashboards.

A broad range of AI and data science tools, including the Nvidia NGCTM catalog of AI and analytics software, APIs for integration with MLOps software, Jupyter notebooks, and more, help researchers plan and schedule workloads, refine models, and gain insights more quickly.

Nvidia developed Base Command Platform to power the work of its research teams around the world. As new features are added for Nvidia’s internal team, platform customers will receive these same updates.