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PayMaya’s workplace programs cited by LinkedIn and Anvil Awards

Digital financial services company PayMaya has been cited by professional networking firm LinkedIn and the local Anvil Awards for its efforts in creating the workplace of the future today amid the challenges brought by the COVID-19 pandemic.

PayMaya utilized a variety of digital tools and programs that allowed for higher employee engagement, accelerated business growth, continuous learning initiatives, and recruitment of top talent.

“Behind all our groundbreaking achievements at PayMaya are our employees,” said Charee Lanza, chief people officer of PayMaya. “The collective purpose, passion, and expertise propel our unique end-to-end digital payments ecosystem providing crucial services to more than 28 million registered users and over 116,000 merchant partners and their customers across the country.”

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LinkedIn recently featured PayMaya as one of its success stories in employing data-driven and scalable tools particularly in the areas of talent recruitment using LinkedIn Talent Insights, learning and development aided by LinkedIn Learning, and gauging employee pulse through its people success platform Glint.


These efforts have generated for the company as much as $213,000 in savings for talent recruitment, higher overall learning and engagement scores for employees, and a 50% drop in attrition levels despite the constraints brought on by the pandemic.

“Creating the workplace of the future today is key to the fintech industry, especially as we support the recovery and growth of the Philippine economy through digital and cashless technologies,” she added.

In 2020, PayMaya registered a Gliny]t engagement score of 80, which is higher than the 79 benchmark score for the top 20% of companies globally.

Glint is the People Success Platform that leverages real-time people data to help global organizations increase employee engagement, develop their people, and improve business results. Glint was acquired by LinkedIn in November 2018.

Most recently, PayMaya also received a citation from the 56th Anvil Awards organized by the Public Relations Society of the Philippines for its employee communication portal VHub, which has become the central platform for all PayMaya employees to receive critical work information and policies as it began shifting to remote work in early 2020.

PayMaya also received Anvil Awards for its # OneAgainstCOVID19 fundraising campaign to help over 50 organizations raise money for various efforts to address the effects of the pandemic, as well as its LGUs Embracing and Accelerating Digitalization (LEAD) Webinar series in support of the digitalization efforts of the government.

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