Media Release

PLDT Global forms partnership with South Korean e-commerce firm Powercall

PLDT Global Corp. (PLDT Global) has strengthened its e-commerce foothold by establishing a partnership with South Korea’s Powercall Co., Ltd. (Powercall), the developer of the KMall e-commerce app

Through Powercall’s KMall e-commerce app, customers will now be able to purchase Smart, TNT, and Sun electronic load products with their smartphones. The app will also provide Filipinos in South Korea more familiar, convenient, and secure payment methods, such as debit card payments and inter-bank fund transfers through mobile apps, online banking, and local automated teller machines (ATMs).

“Through this partnership, Filipinos can expect a more convenient and efficient way of purchasing e-load and paying for utility bills in the Philippines via the KMall app,” said Joel Lumanlan, VP and head of Global Marketing Operations, PLDT Global. “Since most Filipinos in South Korea do not have credit cards, KMall gives them alternative payment methods to improve their online purchasing experience.”

With its extensive network of resellers, Powercall is also the biggest distributor of prepaid call cards to the Filipino market in South Korea.

The partnership with Powercall is just one of PLDT Global’s thrusts to further strengthen its consumer solutions and empower Filipinos everywhere. As the international business unit of the PLDT Group, PLDT Global builds and delivers a full range of digital innovations that serve the evolving needs of the global Filipino.