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Shopee Mall’s brand memberships program aims to help brands grow customer loyalty

In conjunction with the 7.7 Mid-Year Sale, e-commerce site Shopee officially launches the Shopee Mall Brand Memberships program to help brands capture more growth online. It is a new customer management and retention tool that will enable brands on Shopee Mall to build deeper connections with potential and existing customers, converting them into valuable lifetime customers.

The tool has been rolled out across seven markets: Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, and Vietnam.

“With consumers now spending a larger part of their shopping journey online, we want to empower brands with more ways to capture their customers at every touchpoint,” said Martin Yu, director, Shopee Philippines. “Hence, we are proud to launch this program that will support our brand partners in achieving more sustainable growth by driving conversion and higher spending delivering greater value to shoppers. We have already seen how brand members tend to spend twice as much per order compared to non-members, demonstrating the effectiveness of this tool in building greater brand affinity in the long-term.”

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Customer management

The Shopee Mall Brand Memberships program is designed to give brands more control in cultivating their customer relationships on Shopee, similar to how they oversee their own loyalty programs. This in turn helps to drive more conversion and repeat purchases for brands online.

Brands can customize their own membership program for shoppers, including the welcome gift, number of membership tiers, and brand loyalty points awarded to members for every purchase. Members can accumulate and redeem these loyalty points for exclusive benefits such as upsized vouchers and gifts with purchases. Shopee Mall Brand Memberships vouchers can also be stacked with other Shopee vouchers, thus unlocking even more savings, helping to promote further sales for brands.

In addition to customer retention, Shopee Mall Brand Memberships also provides brands with an effective way to identify and manage different customer segments through an understanding of their profile, purchasing habits, and preferences. With deeper insights, brands can create more personalized experiences over time and run more effective retargeting campaigns in the future.

In the future, Shopee will be progressively rolling out a pipeline of new features to enhance the membership program. This includes creating a more seamless shopping experience through omnichannel integration, where brands can integrate their offline and online CRM systems and loyalty programs with Shopee Mall Brand Memberships.

Grand launch at 7.7 Shopee Mid-Year Sale

The Shopee Mall Brand Memberships Grand Launch campaign has officially started, and brands can leverage the increased traffic and media buzz throughout 7.7, the biggest mid-year sale, to maximize sign-ups. Over 200 brands on Shopee Mall across popular categories will be participating in the Grand Launch, with many more brands joining the program down the line. They will offer attractive launch perks such as new registration bonus points, upsized vouchers, and exclusive welcome gifts. The Brand Memberships program can be easily accessed by each user under the ‘Shopee Loyalty’ tab.