Media Release

Symantec’s threat detection innovations to improve cyber attack discovery

Cybersecurity company Symantec Corp.introduces its new Managed Endpoint Detection and Response (MEDR) service and enhanced EDR 4.0 technology. The company said these advancements can improve attack discovery and incident response using AI-driven (artificial intelligence) analytics and automation to quickly discover and stop sophisticated cyber attacks.

Enterprise IT and Security Ops teams are increasingly challenged to investigate and respond to advanced and emerging threats with available resources and staff. Symantec’s MEDR service harnesses the power of EDR 4.0 to improve incident response, threat hunting, and forensics, fortifying teams with investigation expertise and threat intelligence from the team of Symantec SOC analysts.

Stealthy attacks

Symantec MEDR detects stealthy attacks and examines suspicious activity for faster incident validation and response. A combination of Symantec EDR 4.0, the SOC technology platform, and the Global Intelligence Network allows Symantec analysts to provide 24×7 service. Managed threat hunting, remote investigations, and endpoint containment enable security teams around the world to stay ahead of threats.

Features include:

  • Industry- and region-specific analysts provide 24×7 coverage across six global SOCs.
  • Managed threat hunting provides detection for zero-day and unknown threats.
  • Industry best practices including MITRE ATT&CK framework help to quickly identify critical indicators of attack.
  • Rapid containment of compromised endpoints using pre-authorized measures.
  • Custom and emerging threat reports, business reviews, and 24×7 coverage.

“Many customers simply can’t find enough cybersecurity experts to meet demand,” said Art Gilliland, EVP and GM Enterprise Products, Symantec. “Our MEDR service provides access to Symantec’s elite SOC analysts and advanced machine learning techniques to reduce the burden on staff and shrink the time it takes to investigate incidents. For organizations with robust security response teams, EDR 4.0 is now available on any device, anywhere, before or after an attack occurs to provide comprehensive detection and response.”

Threat research

Symantec’s EDR 4.0 continuously updates AI-driven detection engines using threat research from Symantec’s elite team of researchers and global telemetry from 175 million endpoints to train analytics to detect new attack patterns. EDR 4.0 is now available on any device, anywhere, before or after an attack.

New features include:

  • Advanced attack detections to help thwart “living off the land” file-less attacks.
  • Automated playbooks to quickly initiate investigations.
  • MITRE ATT&CK framework enrichment to expose gaps in the attack lifecycle.
  • Advanced pre- and post-breach comprehensive EDR tools.
  • Flexible deployment options for Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) and non-SEP endpoints for macOS, Linux, and Windows.

Image by Pete Linforth/Pixabay