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Teleperformance Philippines honors Filipino women leaders in virtual event

Teleperformance hosted a virtual event that highlighted the struggles and triumphs that women leaders face given their unique roles of being both leaders at home and at work.

Women continue to face many cultural and social barriers that can prevent them from pursuing leadership roles. According to a report by LinkedIn Opportunity Index 2021, almost half of Filipino women (46%) working from home have struggled to juggle work and family life during the pandemic, especially working mothers. Similarly, 42% said their duties at home are a barrier to their career development.

Shared in a live stream on the Teleperformance Philippines Facebook page, the event engaged participants in a discourse on problems and possible solutions to the glass ceiling women face in their careers on a daily basis, along with how to juggle their dual leadership roles. Organized by TP Women, topics such as work-life balance, the importance of having men as allies and creating a gender-inclusive corporate culture were discussed through panel discussions and a pledge for gender equality.

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Launched in 2019, TP Women is an initiative that is dedicated to celebrating the achievements of women in Teleperformance, while also serving as a community and support system for women within the organization.

“TP Women isn’t just about women in leadership, it’s about women supporting each other and equally, about men in our organization doing their part to support each individual to maximize their potential. That’s why at TP, I’m committed to supporting all of the women in the organization and being a reliable ally to ensure that we provide equal opportunities in work, in leadership and across the organization,” said Mike Lytle, CEO of Teleperformance US, Canada, and Philippines.

Spearheaded by Tanya Famador-Japitana, executive vice president of Client Operations at Teleperformance Philippines, the TP Women program seeks to address women’s issues in the workplace and help drive positive change, standing behind diversity, inclusion, and gender balance, and supporting equal opportunity and participation at all levels and in all aspects. TP Women is part of the company’s Diversity and Inclusion program, which highlights its commitment to its people, supporting initiatives that promote women empowerment, inclusion of professionals with disabilities, and supporting LGBTQIA+ communities.

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