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Trend Micro to hold annual cybersecurity conference

Trend Micro Philippines continues its free annual cybersecurity conference this year with “DECODE 2022: Detect & Respond.” This two-day virtual conference is set on Nov. 28 and 29, 2022.

“DECODE 2022: Detect & Respond” will feature industry leaders from across the globe who will discuss the latest technologies, trends, threats, and opportunities in the fast-paced and ever-changing world of cybersecurity.

“Trend Micro holds these free conferences with the intent of keeping cybersecurity professionals informed, inspired, and well-networked with their peers in the industry,” said Alma Saturnino-Alvarez, Threat Hunting Director of Trend Micro. “This benefits not only their individual careers, but also the countrymen their work serves to protect.”

Trend Micro to hold free annual cybersecurity conference
Trend Micro empowers women in IT with ‘Get IT Girl!’

Last year’s conference, “DECODE 2021: DEC1DE. DEC0DE,” garnered an audience of over 1,200 individuals. It also featured various case studies, discussions of top threats and risks, and an analysis of how a chief information security officer’s (CISO) role in a company has evolved through the years. The event also highlighted Trend Micro’s advocacy of uplifting women in the tech industry via a “Get IT Girl!” session that featured a Q&A activity with Olympiad Nesthy Petecio and a panel discussion that talked about diversity and inclusivity in tech.

Emerging threats

This year, DECODE 2022: Detect & Respond will have six keynote presentations and over 40 sessions across four key tracks. Attendees will learn about recent and relevant developments in the security industry, including emerging threats and vulnerabilities, deepfakes, fake news, scams and spam, IoT and critical infrastructures, and threat hunting and incident response. They will also learn how to act on the knowledge they gained from the past five years of DECODE conferences to seamlessly detect and address security gaps through tried-and-tested methods and tools, quickly identify risk levels, and respond swiftly and accordingly to various threats.

DECODE 2022: Detect & Respond, which promotes the efficiency and efficacy of cybersecurity systems to secure organizations and communities, is an online event where IT professionals and students can learn and network virtually. Conference recordings will be made accessible to all attendees until a year after the event.

With DECODE now on its sixth year, Trend Micro furthers its initiative to improve the cybersecurity industry by bringing top security experts to the Philippines’ largest annual cybersecurity conference.

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