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Vertiv and AWS Distribution’s new range of thermal management solutions offer energy cost savings

Vertiv, a global provider of critical digital infrastructure and continuity solutions, together with its partner, AWS Distribution Philippines, recently introduced a new line of high-performance data center cooling systems, suited to the specific needs of today’s business data centers and technological rooms. The new solutions are the Vertiv Liebert PEX 3, Vertiv Liebert PEX 4, Vertiv Liebert CRV 4, and the Vertiv Liebert DM.

“Cooling is a critical component in data centers. It is vital to ensure that servers are performing optimally and to prevent any unexpected outages or downtimes which can be detrimental to many businesses today that are relying on technology for their day-to-day operations,” said Jason Lim, country manager of Vertiv in the Philippines. “We are excited to be launching these new solutions to the Philippine market and look forward to helping our customers, as they shift their business strategies online.”

“With the availability of these new cooling systems, organizations in the Philippines can now have more precise, cost-efficient, and high-performance thermal management solutions for various applications for their data centers and technological rooms,” said Trina McMahon, associate vice president for sales and marketing, AWS Distribution Phils.

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Designed to provide precise cooling of data centers and server rooms, the Vertiv Liebert PEX3 technology features advanced technologies that give mission-critical loads the highest levels of efficiency and utmost reliability within the most compact footprint. The technology enables close monitoring and control of room temperature. The standard version includes an advanced controller, heater, humidifier, and other components.

Frame sizes

The Liebert PEX3 has a compact design and a footprint of nearly 15% to 30% lower than other brands and is available in four frame sizes.

The Liebert PEX4 combines the best accessories, such as inverter compressor, the next-generation EC fan, EEV, microchannel coil, among others — all these features enable PEX4 to help reduce operating costs efficiently with enhanced capacity fit into a compact footprint.

What makes PEX4 different is that it allows modern data centers to enjoy abundant load variations with premium efficiency. It is also available from 35 to 120kW. Equipped with a Smart and Intelligent Controller, the PEX4 also enables users to manage multiple units easily. It features a unique algorithm and touch screen display for managing PEX4 operation, ensuring maximum reliability under all conditions. The high-level monitoring of multiple units enables them to work together as a single system that optimizes room temperature and humidity.

For organizations that need a row-based solution to enhance their data center’s cooling performance, Vertiv also introduced the Liebert CRV 4, designed to provide maximum cooling in a compact footprint. The solution gives the highest efficiency and availability by removing heated air from the hot aisle of the data center and using it to return cooled air to the servers or cold aisle.


Vertiv also introduced its Liebert DM range, particularly the Liebert DM22 and DM27. Designed for year-round temperature and humidity control for IT applications across the critical infrastructure, the Leibert DM delivers enterprise-level thermal management to small computer rooms and network closets. It is also equipped with an air-filtration feature, making it ideal for areas where people and IT equipment occupy the same space.

Vertiv Liebert DM provides enough flexibility in the critical infrastructure as it occupies minimum floor space, which suits small and medium-sized computer rooms. It also offers a selection of variants to fit the business infrastructure’s requirements and conditions, as well as communication capabilities to the critical infrastructure manager for easy monitoring of the temperature across the IT infrastructure.