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VMware launches regional digital hub in Singapore

Enterprise software provider VMware opened its new Regional Digital Innovation Hub in Singapore, which aims to bolster Southeast Asia’s (SEA) growth as a vibrant technological hub dedicated to empowering businesses to navigate the new future of work.

VMware’s newest Regional Digital Innovation Hub joins nine other Virtual Briefing Centers located in key markets around the world including Bangalore, Beijing, Tokyo, and Sydney in the Asia Pacific. Tapping into Singapore’s strategic location as an innovation epicenter outside of Silicon Valley and a critical gateway for businesses to access the rest of Southeast Asia, the new center aims to empower businesses with a clear vision of how to implement technology frameworks and solutions that addresses their unique business challenges across the region.

“With ASEAN on track to become a $1 trillion digital economy by 2030 and the region’s emergence as an innovation powerhouse, we are committed to accelerating businesses to the future by helping them visualize and implement their digital roadmaps,” said Paul Simos, VP and managing director of Southeast Asia and Korea at VMware.

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“The future of business is digital, and we hope to create a competitive edge for our customers by building a secure place for them to experiment and experience how future technologies can be built into their systems before they are enacted in real life, so that they can anticipate what lies ahead and attain full autonomy on their innovation cycle,” said Simos.

Digital hub features

The state-of-the-art hub is equipped with cutting-edge tools like digital whiteboarding, virtual reality (VR), and a personalized experience utilizing radio-frequency identification (RFID). Using the Virtual Briefing Center (VBC), business leaders can explore VMware solutions, collaborate with experts, and experience in-depth demonstrations through both hybrid and online briefings. Hybrid briefings leverage physical engagement with the center’s wall-size display with navigational touch controls and interactive whiteboarding functions to better visualize ideas and concepts, while flexible collaborative tools facilitate discussions with online attendees. Additionally, mixed spaces for small group collaborations and a digital lounge for private meetings can be customized to meet the needs of each meeting.

The VBC features four state-of-the-art and next-gen technologies that foster inventive idea exchange and brings to life a modern vision that highlights an organization’s strengths and unpacks specific challenges and constraints by designing a customized roadmap with solutions that address one’s top business priorities.

The four demo zones showcase the possibilities with technology around the areas of:

  • Advanced IT in a digital hub for the future of work
  • Accelerating the digital employee experience
  • Moving towards Zero IT and Tanzu Labs
  • Enabling innovation with Tanzu Labs

Connected to all of VMware’s other VBCs across the globe, the center also allows businesses to connect with technical experts and teams from anywhere in the world to unpack technical constraints and design customized technology roadmaps with glove-fit solutions. This will enable business leaders to test current technologies, concepts, and pilot projects before official rollouts, serving as a secure innovation sandbox to build new innovative concepts and transformation roadmaps.

Expanding on its commitment to being an innovation and inclusivity center of excellence for the region, VMware also recently reopened its Singapore office redesigned with versatile, new facilities that focus on collaboration and autonomy to provide employees with greater options for how and where they work. With sustainability and inclusivity as a big focus, the WELL-certified office features air purifiers, recycling areas, yoga rooms with lockers, a jamming studio, and maternity rooms on select floors.

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