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HCT Academy’s simulation lab provides nurses with scenario-based training

Nurses in the Philippines are now equipped with a competitive advantage in the global healthcare industry through HCT Academy’s simulation labs (SimLab), operating within the framework of the Joint Commission International (JCI), the gold standard for patient care worldwide.

This upskilling addresses the increasing demand for healthcare professionals in the Philippines and abroad. The country requires 106,000 nursing staff for its healthcare facilities, while many countries, such as Austria, Canada, Germany, and Saudi Arabia, actively seek to hire Filipino healthcare workers. To attract these skilled nurses, some countries offer advanced training and scholarship programs in partnership with institutions.

With HCT Academy, Filipino nurses can enhance their clinical simulation practice without leaving the country for advanced training. Previously known as Healthcare Advantage Institute (HCAI), the academy is at the forefront of bridging the theory-practice gap in the nursing industry. It addresses challenges like the shortage of educators, outdated simulation laboratories, and limited hands-on experience due to budget constraints.

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Scenario-based practices

HCT Academy offers access to high-quality SimLabs equipped with the latest hospital equipment. Each SimLab is operated by a monitoring system that presents up-to-date medical scenarios for students to respond to, under the guidance of qualified instructors. This training focuses on teaching nurses the international gold standard in patient care and scenario-based SimLab practices, boosting their confidence in diagnosis and patient care.

At its core, HCT Academy aims to develop well-rounded nurses who are confident, competitive, and conscientious, with a strong emphasis on ethics and human intervention in healthcare practices.

The HCT SimLab includes facilities like Operating Rooms, Delivery Rooms, Intensive Care Units, Neonatal Intensive Care Units, Wards, and Private Rooms. Learners encounter realistic and challenging clinical scenarios through internationally created mannequins, which test their critical thinking, decision-making, and clinical skills.

Simulation Lab features

The hands-on approach is facilitated by qualified instructors, who upskill members of top nursing organizations in the Philippines, including the Philippine Nurses Association (PNA) and the Association of Nursing Service Administrators of the Philippines, Inc. (ANSAP). The curriculum follows guidelines set by the Technical Committee on Nursing Education, ensuring high-quality courses.

HCT Academy has also expanded its offerings, adding an American Heart Association (AHA) lab for Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) to enhance learners’ emergency cardiovascular care skills. Additionally, the company is accredited by the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) and the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) as a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) unit’s institute, allowing medical professionals to accumulate credit units to renew their licenses.

Furthermore, HCT Academy aims to cater not only to nursing students and graduates but also to other allied health professionals, public health response teams, and individuals seeking to expand their knowledge in patient care.
For those interested in HCT Academy and its courses, visit their website: http://www.hct.ph.