HKBN promotes Elinor Shiu to CEO of Residential Solutions

HKBN Group (Hong Kong Broadband Network) announced the promotion of Elinor Shiu from chief marketing officer to chief executive officer – Residential Solutions divsion.

Shiu, together with Ben Hui, HKBN co-owner and chief commercial officer – Residential Solutions, will accelerate the Group’s transformation from quad-play to infinite-play strategy in residential business, building on diversified, technology-driven telecom services into forging strategic partnerships.

In particular, they will leverage the advantage of HKBN’s customer base by matching the products and offers from the Group’s 100,000 enterprise customers (about 1-in-2 active companies in Hong Kong) to its 1 million residential customers (about 1-in-3 Hong Kong households), achieving strategic win-win-win for all parties.

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“Our residential business has seen impressive transformative growth under Elinor’s leadership,” said NiQ Lai, co-owner and CEO, HKBN Group. “Today, our residential revenue is already bigger than that of the entire Group when we IPOed in 2015. With her well-earned promotion, Elinor will take a longer-term view, leading us beyond our current Co-Ownership III Plus period of FY19-21.”

HKBN Group, headquartered in Hong Kong with operations across Hong Kong, China, Macau, Malaysia, and Singapore, is an integrated telecom and technology solutions provider.

“What sets HKBN apart is that we see every customer as our long-term partner rather than a short-term revenue stream. Such conviction drives every facet of our strategy and operations,” Shiu said. “The fact that our leadership team of William Yeung, co-owner and executive vice chair, NiQ Lai, co-owner and the Group’s CEO, Billy Yeung, co-owner and CEO – Enterprise Solutions, and I have most of our families’ net worth in HKBN stock means that we have skin-in-the-game and we are all hyper aligned to run HKBN as one single entity rather than a collection of silos. This is our unique Legal Unfair Competitive Advantage (LUCA).”

Shiu is a proud HKBN co-owner and a home-grown HKBN talent with extensive hands-on experience in marketing and operations. She joined in 1994 as a marketing trainee and between 2008 and 2012 she demonstrated her future potential as the “regional mini-CEO” of East Kowloon, responsible for all facets of the business for this region. Shiu earned her promotion to chief marketing officer – Residential Solutions in March 2019, where she directed the marketing strategies and operations of the Group’s residential business.