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Home insurance firm shares ways to upgrade WFH setup

The recent spike in COVID-19 cases caused by the omicron variant put on hold back to office or hybrid setup. It is advised that workers who can work remotely stay working from home.

For employees whose companies have considered a work-from-home setup permanently, insurance company MAPFRE shared tips on how to spruce up the work area which may also be good not only for the eyes but for mental health as well.

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Spice up your setup

Nothing beats simplicity. In this arrangement, the laptop is plugged into a bigger external monitor. The sheer size of it eliminates the need for a two-monitor setup as you can just position the windows or apps you need side by side. The potted plant is a nice addition and could be something for your eyes to wander towards to avoid eye strain. The wide desk can also fit other necessities like your mug, snacks, and notebook.

Semblance of outdoors

This could be overwhelming to look at for some but hear us out. The shelves at either side of the table means any document or work essentials are within reach. More greens further reduce stress on your eyes, especially after long hours in front of the screen. These also give a semblance of the outdoors, which we haven’t fully experienced for over a year now. The mood board behind the monitor can also serve as a canvass for your inspiration or a reminder of your goals.

Hours of productivity

Now this one will net you endless productivity, entertainment, and everything in between. The ultrawide dual monitor setup paired with a reclining chair equals hours of comfort and multitasking. After grinding at work, you can easily take a break and pull up your favorite K-drama series or play some quick matches online. Going back to the grind is just as easy as minimizing windows. Just don’t forget to eat and hydrate, okay?

Protect your home

MAPFRE has a comprehensive selection of home insurance solutions for your needs. There’s a standard option that covers the house and its contents for loss and damage caused by fire or lightning; an option for added benefits to include allowance and assistance services; a comprehensive option to include coverage against damage from earthquakes, typhoon, flood, and other disasters, as well as robbery, accident and liability coverages. With your home and properties insured, you can focus your energy on what matters most: family, work-life balance, and health. MAPFRE takes care of your essentials so you can take care of the people that depend on you.

MAPFRE makes it easy for you to get an estimate for home insurance. MAPFRE’s online services also include hassle-free filing of claims, renewal, and convenient payment channels. For more details, check out the website and like the official Facebook page for updates.