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Pru Life UK offers health protection plan e-vouchers on Shopee

Life insurer Pru Life UK has now made its health protection products accessible to more families in the Philippines through e-vouchers now available at Shopee.

The initiative is part of Pru Life UK’s drive toward the company’s goals to make health protection accessible to everyone, particularly to the financially underserved sectors of society. Shopee’s wide reach and high user base make it an ideal platform that connects Filipinos to insurance products that fit their budget.

“Pru Life UK strongly believes that Filipinos from all walks of life should have easy access to life insurance products. Being on the Shopee platform aims to encourage everyone to protect themselves and those who matter to them with products at price points they can afford,” said Eng Teng Wong, president and chief executive officer, Pru Life UK.

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Shopee users can purchase e-vouchers for PRUDengue MedCare and PRUDengue MedCare Pro which are redeemable in Pulse, Pru Life UK’s health and wealth mobile app. Both of which are available in two different packages. PRUDengue MedCare Package A and B are priced at P200 and P300 respectively, while PRUDengue MedCare Package A and B are priced at P240 and P350. All Package A products offer six months of dengue coverage while all Package B products cover 12 months.

Both products offer a lump sum benefit of P10,000 for the life insured upon diagnosis of dengue. PRUDengue MedCare Pro, on the other hand, also provides a lump sum benefit of P100,000 if the life assured passes away due to dengue.

Widespread infectious disease

Dengue is a widespread infectious disease with 208,170 annual average cases in the country from 2010 to 20191. From January to June this year, there have been around 45,416 dengue cases reported in the Philippines2. According to an article from The American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene3, the average cost of a dengue treatment in the country is around Php 35,000 in private hospitals and around P17,000 in public hospitals.

Filipinos aged 18-59 are eligible to buy the product as the policy owner and they can also avail it for their kids who are aged 1-17. Overseas Filipino Workers may also buy the e-vouchers in Shopee and share them with their loved ones in the Philippines. The policy owner and the life insured must be in the country at the time of the sale/redemption in Pulse.

To buy the product e-vouchers, go to the Shopee app and type “Pru Life UK” in the search box. On the Pru Life UK page, choose an e-voucher and pay. Pru Life UK will send an email with the e-voucher. Click the “Redeem Now” button from the email and redeem the e-voucher in Pulse’s PRUShoppe.