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JobStreet lists IT, telecom as among top industries with strong growth

Online platform JobStreet has identified computer and IT (software), education, healthcare and medical, and telecommunication as the top 4 industries that have shown strong growth and recovery, based on job ad volume and applications posted this year.

JobStreet’s latest “Job Outlook Report 2022: The Rise to Recovery” analyzed the supply and demand in key industries in the Philippines. 

Acceleration of digital transformation during the pandemic required more manpower and skilled professionals for organizations to adapt quickly. It did not come as a surprise that based on data and insights, software developer-related jobs grew by 83.3%. 

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“This growth came from utilizing digital solutions which accounted for 10% of the sales of certain businesses,” as noted in the report.

Hybrid work

Remote and now hybrid work setup saw the rise in demand for telecommunication services. Junior Executive positions in this sector made up the greatest number of job posts at 52.5% while job posts specializing in sales and marketing increased the most at 76%. The rollout of 5G technology nationwide will highly contribute to the ongoing growth of this sector.

The increase in online classes also led to the hiring of more teachers which saw that in the education sector, over 97% of opportunities with entry-level and junior executive positions were posted on the platform.

The healthcare and medical sector grew exponentially because of the pandemic and will continue to grow even after as more and more people now give greater importance to personal health and well-being.

Other industries

Due to the increasing demand, job posts for nurses grew the most at 45.3%. The government aimed to hire an additional 10,000 healthcare workers to help heal the nation.

The Job Outlook Report also shares industries with gradual recovery which are banking and financial services, manufacturing and production, transportation and logistics, and construction and engineering. Their steady growth is attributed to the COVID-19 restrictions and remedial policies.

Industries with modest recovery include retail and merchandise; call center, IT-enabled services and BPO; food and beverage, catering and restaurant; and property and real estate. Their core operations have been disrupted due to tightening regulations but were eventually able to slowly recover following the eased restrictions.