Zoho underscores innovative approach to business transformation

Zoho Corp. (Zoho), a computer software and web-based business tools provider, highlighted products and services that is aimed at shaping the future of work for businesses, in a media briefing.

Zoho offers solutions that address common problems encountered by businesses across different verticals during their digital transformation. This broad spectrum includes hardware and services, financial services, media and entertainment, and many more. 

In response to increasing pace of digital transformation of businesses worldwide, Zoho expanded its reach in the Asia Pacific hosting local events to educate customers and users.

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Zoho acknowledges that businesses are evolving due to a combination of factors, including the pandemic and a growing appreciation for technology’s capabilities. 

“Customers are increasingly adopting digital payment methods and relying on online touchpoints,” said Gibu Mathew, VP & GM APAC, Zoho. “Even traditional industries like car manufacturing have become tech-centric.”

Empowering employees with generative AI

One of the game-changing technologies Zoho has adopted is generative AI. This technology has brought a new level of interaction and understanding between humans and digital tools. Zoho seamlessly integrates generative AI into its suite of products, allowing users to leverage its capabilities naturally.

Zoho places a strong emphasis on data privacy, a critical concern in the age of AI. The company ensures that customer data remains within their control, giving organizations the choice of what data to share and how they are used.

Democratizing AI for all roles

Zoho believes that AI should not be confined to specific roles within an organization. It should be integrated into daily work across all functions. This approach democratizes AI, making it a tool for every employee, regardless of their role. For example, AI can assist with content generation, data analysis, and even summarizing lengthy email conversations.

Zoho’s approach to AI integration is user-centric. Users can enable GPT integration within their specific tools, and Zoho ensures that data stays within the confines of the organization.

By embracing Generative AI and AI democratization, Zoho empowers businesses to thrive in an increasingly digital world while safeguarding their data privacy.