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ATRAM offers new bond tenors available on the app

The new retail bond tenors from asset management company ATRAM Trust Corp. (ATRAM) aim to help investors capitalize on the potential of fixed-income investments.

Available through the ATRAM Prime App, the new bond tenors cater to new or seasoned investors and options of 3-year-10-year tenors and average yield to maturity of 5.6%-5.7%.

In an ever-changing equities market characterized by volatility, investors are searching for reliable avenues that offer stability. ATRAM Prime also offers a diverse range of investment options that have demonstrated resilience even during unstable times.

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ATRAM Prime app enables retail treasury bonds investment

Unlike equities, fixed-income investments, such as bonds, present an opportunity for investors to capitalize on regular interest payments and historically lower levels of volatility. By taking advantage of the new bond tenors available on ATRAM Prime, investors can have a diversified portfolio that offers both stability and growth potential.

Consistent payouts and lower volatility

When it comes to investing, consistent payouts and lower volatility are highly sought after by investors. ATRAM Prime understands this need and offers a suite of fixed-income solutions designed to provide reliable income streams. Compared to the inherent nature of stocks, fixed-income investments traditionally exhibit lower volatility, providing a sense of security and safety. By incorporating ATRAM Prime’s new bond tenors into investment portfolios, investors can get steady payouts and a smoother ride through market ups and downs.

Flexible time horizons

Investors have different financial goals and different time horizons, and ATRAM Prime knows the importance of flexibility in investment choices. With a range of bond tenors available, including options from 3 years to 10 years, ATRAM Prime gives Filipinos the freedom to choose and customize their investment strategies to match their specific preferences and risk appetites. Whether aiming for short-term objectives or planning for the long term, the flexibility provided by ATRAM Prime enables investors to optimize returns and capture opportunities based on their unique investment timeline.

Liquidity and accessibility

Liquidity and accessibility are critical factors in investment decisions. With ATRAM Prime, investors can easily liquidate their investments at any time, ensuring they are not bound by lengthy commitments and can adapt their portfolios to changing market conditions.

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