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Hit Productions turns to remote, contactless recording using digital tools

Hit Productions led by Vic Icasas recalibrated their business operations when the pandemic hit. The audio-visual industry is just one of the many industries hardest hit by the government-imposed lockdowns that practically halted the economy.

Hit Productions is a Philippine-based audio post-production and music facility for advertising.

According to Hit Productions 865,000 workers in the audiovisual industry — the majority of them are freelancers — were displaced due to the pandemic. The company, however, was surprised to see that the demand for their services increased during this time. Brands and organizations accelerated their digital transformation and tried to reach their intended audience through various platforms.

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The demand enabled Hit Productions to sustain its operations. Utilizing digital tools and mobile devices, the company was able to fulfill its commitments as contactless as possible. While big studio equipment is necessary for its operations, HIt Productions made use of a tablet, a professional-grade microphone, and other technologies to coach talents remotely while doing, say a commercial.

Other than remote and contactless recording, Vic Icasas, president and managing partner for Hit Productions Inc., and founding partner Dennis Cham also designed mobile solutions using a Hyundai van that has been retrofitted to become a sound studio on wheels as well as tablet-powered portable recording kits that can be deployed via courier. They used these tools to work with some of the talents.


Hit Productions invested heavily in software and audio plugins to tweak and improve the quality of work-from-home voice recordings done during the pandemic to the point that the sound virtually equates to studio quality.

With all of these resources and tools, Hit Productions is poised to handle any project that comes its way. And just as these digital tools have been helpful to the company, they will be similarly instrumental to other production houses in the country as well.

“What many Filipino-led studios fail to realize is that we have the potential to make it in other countries as much as we do in the Philippines,” Icasas said. “Thankfully, with all of the digital tools and mobile and remote solutions available at our disposal today, there’s no reason why we shouldn’t go beyond where we are now. It’s time for us to produce more world-class ads, films, shows, games, and campaigns while staying close to our Filipino culture.”

During the pandemic, Hit Productions was tasked to work on the Ingat Angat, Bakuna Lahat campaign. It also counts companies like Coca Cola, Globe, J&J, Jollibee, McDonald’s, and Unilever, among others.