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JobStreet urges employers to hire ‘real talent’

In its latest campaign, “Hire Real Talent,” JobStreet by SEEK (JobStreet) highlights the need to utilize legitimate job platforms in their recruitment process, instead of relying on social media.

JobStreet, an online job hiring platform, recognizes the power of social media in terms of communication but reminds hirers about the circumstances of not knowing fully who they would be working with.

“While social media is a convenient tool to share information, we want to let hirers know that not everyone in your following or likes is looking for jobs — and the best and most appropriate way to recruit active jobseekers is to reach out to where they are searching for opportunities, and that is through official job platforms,” said Kim Viray, head of Marketing at JobStreet Philippines.

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JobStreet’s video series attempts to show the truth behind social media recruiting: when you hire through social media, chances are you have no idea who you’re interviewing. 

Video series

The first video in the JobStree’s series depicts an applicant who resembles the avatar of a newly set-up social media account, illustrating anonymity, a lack of character, or a genuine identity. Likewise, the second video demonstrates the difficulty of recognizing the true applicant whose profile photo is a family portrait. Finally, in the last video, JobStreet displays an applicant with experience working somewhere fictitious, portraying a lack of professionalism and accurate information.   

As users are not required to authenticate their identities or credentials on most social media sites, it is challenging to discern between legitimate and fraudulent accounts. 

“In today’s competitive and fast-changing world, we recognize the challenges that come with the hiring process, which is why we continuously empower hirers and provide them solutions that they need on top of offering a platform with millions of quality and qualified candidates,” he added. 

Free job postings

JobStreet aims to make hiring more convenient and efficient for employers, particularly for SMEs. Through its free job ad postings, businesses are entitled to a 30-day free job posting credit upon registration on JobStreet, giving seamless access to over 14 million registered candidates with free use of powerful candidate management tools, easy-to-use job ad writing tools, inclusion in job recommendations, accessibility on multiple channels, and many other benefits, allowing hirers to focus on selecting the best candidate.

Its additonal features assure targeted job posting to relevant potential applicants, and it may save time by using screening tools to check and match skills and credentials with the role.