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Rimini Street releases free tools for Oracle and SAP 

Rimini Street, an enterprise software support provider, has released free online tools: Rimini Street Savings Calculator for Oracle and Rimini Street Savings Calculator for SAP. These tools help clients identify and unlock significant savings from their existing ERP investments. 

With over $7 billion in savings to date, Rimini Street offers responsive and high-quality support, surpassing vendor maintenance services.

Oracle and SAP profit margins on software support exceed 90%, leaving a small portion for actual service provision. This results in service gaps for custom configurations and code among Oracle and SAP licensees. Over time, vendors reduce service scope while maintaining the same or higher fees, pushing for upgrades that may not benefit clients.

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“Most organizations are delighted to learn the savings from a switch to Rimini Street is much more than the 50% savings in annual support fees, but can also include savings from the avoidance of forced upgrades just to retain full support, support for customizations at no additional charge, and more efficient support processes,” said David Rowe, chief product officer and executive vice president, global transformation at Rimini Street.

Rimini Street solutions deliver higher value

Rimini Street provides an annual support solution for Oracle and SAP clients, offering immediate 50% savings on support fees. Other benefits include dedicated support engineers with extensive experience, rapid response times, support for customizations, and extended support periods. Rimini Street mitigates risks associated with system upgrades and migrations.

Rimini Street enables clients to reduce IT operating expenses from 90% to 60%, allowing for increased investment in innovation. Client success stories include HCX Technology Partners and NIBCO, who redirected funds toward strategic projects after leveraging Rimini Street’s support services.

Unlock savings with Rimini Street

Rimini Street encourages companies using Oracle and SAP to utilize their Savings Calculators. The switch to Rimini Street not only offers 50% savings in support fees but also eliminates forced upgrades, provides customization support at no extra cost, and streamlines support processes. Discover the eye-opening opportunities for your business.