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TeamAsia launches new services for 30th anniversary

TeamAsia, an Integrated Marketing Experience (IME) agency, celebrates its 30 years of delivering impactful and meaningful storytelling for people, brands, industries, and communities.

“Thirty years is such an amazing milestone for us here in TeamAsia. We are thankful for our team of passionate people who are serious about making a difference in the world,” said Bea Lim, managing director, TeamAsia. “We are in the business of creating and sustaining powerful stories that drive positive change in society, and we aim to do this for many years to come.”

In celebration of its 30th anniversary, TeamAsia took its IME game to the next level and revamped some of its core services to better cater to clients and their needs in the ever-changing landscape of the marketing industry.

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TeamAsia pivots, launches integrated marketing services

TeamAsia PR

TeamAsia transitions its Content Department, which handles overall Public Relations demands of its clients, to TeamAsia PR. This line of business will now be a more distinct and solid Public Relations Department with its offerings categorized into three units —Corporate PR, Consumer PR, and Advocacy PR.

The shift to TeamAsia PR includes the official addition of the Advocacy PR unit. This expansion is driven by the agency’s purpose of uplifting brands to create positive change in our communities and help in nation-building.

The renewed TeamAsia PR strengthens the agency’s PR expertise. It aims to help them focus on presenting strategic solutions by providing their clients with a specialized team to handle their needs, may it be corporate communications, consumer-driven strategies, or advocacy campaigns.

TeamAsia DigiCreatives

TeamAsia is also giving its Digital, Creatives and Technology departments a makeover by combining the three for more cutting-edge and data-driven solutions for its clients. This merger is an idea that digital marketing, creatives and production, and web and mobile marketing work beyond being an assembly line. It is a round table, with experts sitting on all sides, developing and executing powerful design and innovative storytelling for digital consumption.

With TeamAsia DigiCreatives, the agency expands to end-to-end e-commerce marketing services. This is done through web tech-enabled SEO, such as AI-assisted search performance and analytics tools, voice-enabled search technologies, and capitalizing on the group’s expertise in digital marketing platforms to bring the brand narrative to life.

TeamAsia e-book launch

Apart from improving its services, TeamAsia also launches its very own e-book titled TeamAsia’s Best: Conquering Next Level Experiences in honor of its late founder, Michael Alan Hamlin, the husband of TeamAsia’s president and co-founder, Monette Iturralde-Hamlin. The book entails TeamAsia’s journey in the marketing industry, its purpose, and its success stories with clients.

The e-book serves as a guide for marketers and storytellers around the world on how TeamAsia was able to administer IME into their projects and campaigns, as well as how to provide Next Level Experiences or NLE to their clients and audiences.