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Wanderword enters PH market via partnership with Bookshelf PH

Interactive audio company Wanderword has partnered with Bookshelf PH as it enters the Philippine market.

Interactive audiobooks and audio-based games started to emerge during the advent of mobile and accelerated with the rise of voice recognition. Now people could engage with their interactive audiobooks and play audio-based games on voice-enabled devices, like the Amazon Echo, purely by issuing voice commands.

To make it easier for Filipino writers and content creators to create work in this genre, Bookshelf PH has partnered with Wanderword, a technology company headquartered in Sweden focused on the interactive audio entertainment industry.

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Bookshelf PH, a publishing house focused on books, ebooks, and audiobooks has licensed Wanderword’s latest product, Fabella, a visual editor that enables the authoring and deployment of interactive audio content to Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and smartphones as well as web.

“The Philippines is ripe for an explosion in interactive fiction,” said Johan Strömberg, CEO, Wanderword. “The country has been an early adopter and leader in both SMS and social. This digital-savvy will lend itself well to works in this genre. I could easily see the Philippines becoming a hub for interactive fiction, across both audiobooks and audio-based games,” he said.

Powered by Fabella, Bookshelf PH will be producing an in-house line of interactive audiobooks.

Third-party works

“These kinds of interactive audiobooks put the player in the role of the protagonist, where they can actively shape the course of the story rather than just read what happens,” said Monette Quiogue, executive creative director, Bookshelf PH.

Bookshelf PH is also eager to publish third-party works because interactive audiobooks naturally lend themselves to a multitude of different genres. This includes romance, where you can choose how you want to approach your romantic counterpart; fantasy, where you can choose how to fight your enemies and level up in the process; and even mystery, where you must choose how to correctly solve the crime at hand.