ZTE showcases innovations at MWC Shanghai 2023

ZTE, an information and communication technology solutions provider, showcased its latest products and intelligent computing infrastructure at MWC Shanghai 2023. The event featured a wide range of offerings, including smartphones, tablets, smart AR glasses, and MBB & FWA products.

Here are some of ZTE’s innovations. 

The nubia Neo Air, a lightweight refractive AR glasses, drew attention for its intelligent features, such as real-time interviews and voice assistant interactions. ZTE also displayed flagship devices like the ZTE AxonPad tablet and the ZTE Axon 50 Ultra and nubia Z50 Ultra smartphones, highlighting advancements in display innovation and professional photography.

nubia Neo Air

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ZTE’s 5G MBB & FWA products were prominently featured, boasting market-leading technology in commercialized fields. These products enable fast and efficient data transfer through wireless networks and emphasize power saving, intelligent scenario control, and network security.

The company introduced two groundbreaking products: the nubia Neo Air wireless AR glasses and the nubia Pad 3D eyewear-free 3D tablet. The nubia Neo Air offers intelligent interaction capabilities with its embedded AI model, while the nubia Pad 3D utilizes eyewear-free 3D lightfield technology and AI face-tracking for a more immersive visual experience.

Generative AI

ZTE also highlighted its contributions to the power of generative AI, which plays a crucial role in digital transformation across industries. The company offers a full series of server solutions that support GPUs and liquid cooling, resulting in low power consumption and reduced PUE in data centers. ZTE’s storage solutions cater to diverse AI training data storage needs, including distributed disk arrays and high-end all-flash disk arrays.

nubia Z50 Ultra

In networking, ZTE employs a high-speed “lossless” network architecture that maximizes AI computing power utilization. High-performance RDMA networks and lossless switches establish super-large-scale computing power clusters. The NEO intelligent cloud card enhances server capabilities, achieving high forwarding performance and minimizing bottlenecks between nodes.

ZTE aims to collaborate closely with operators and industry partners to drive continuous upgrades in computing power and foster the development of intelligent infrastructure. The company’s efforts contribute to the growth of the digital economy and the advancement of intelligent computing.

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